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MOTION-PLUS™ Engine Treatment treats the metal surfaces of both gasoline and diesel-fueled engines. As motor oil is pumped through the engine, our formulation interacts with all metal surfaces, chemically bonding to create a protective layer to dramatically reduce friction and heat. 

Although friction is an action we can't see, it causes wear, noise, and high temperatures in engines. MOTION-PLUS™ Engine Treatment reduces friction drastically, thus increasing the engine’s life. It contains no solids such as PTFE, silicone, graphite, or moly, and also no chlorine. It adheres to metal surfaces in the engine and protects it even when the motor oil is not yet fully circulating.

As a result, your engine will experience: 

  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • Reduced oil consumption.
  • Increased engine performance.
  • Increased horsepower.
  • Extended engine life.

It can be used in all types of engines, including cars, boats, motorcycles, industrial machinery, two-stroke engines, etc.

MOTION-PLUS™ Engine Treatment seals all irregularities and pores produced by metals in contact, thus forming a smooth surface that reduces friction, increases power, reduces temperature, noise, and fuel consumption in engines.



Add to engine oil as directed:

Light engines: 8 oz.


Diesel trucks: 16 oz.


Heavy-duty Diesel engines 1/2 Gallon on the first service, then 1/4 on the following.