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MOTION-PLUS™ Oil Stabilizer is a 100% petroleum product. It raises the oil pressure, increases horse power, eliminates dry starts and protects the engine. It works on heavy duty and light engines. This formula contains MOTION-PLUS™ Engine Treatment which protects metal parts from friction and excessive wear.

For newer engines, use 5%-20%. For older engines, use5%-25%.

In light duty transmissions use 5%-10%. In heavy duty transmissions use 10%-20%. For differentials and transfer cases use 10%-20%.

For compressors use 10%-20%. For motorcycles and lawnmowers use 5%-10%. To reduce noise and wear in differentials, use 50%-100%.

In badly worn engines use up to 60% of the system capacity.

Will not void new car warranties if used in accordance with vehicle manufacturer’s oil recommendations.