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MOTION-PLUS™ Diesel Treatment is especially formulated to be a top performer in the industry. Its unique blend of cleaners and scrubbers are designed to remove gums, varnishes, carbon deposits and corrosive build up. The MOTION-PLUS™ Diesel Treatment contains additional components which provide superior lubrication to the upper cylinders and valves, while protecting against scoring, wear and carbon build up. In addition, MOTION-PLUS™ Diesel Treatment breaks down and disperses water completely in the system allowing for a smooth and clean burn that will not harm injector armatures and pintles. AVAILABILITY: 9.5 ounces bottle (treats 50 gallons of diesel), 32 ounces/quart (treats 150 gallons of diesel) and 128 ounces/gallon bottle(treats 600 gallons of diesel).

To ensure good mixing, pour MOTION-PLUS™ Diesel Treatment into the diesel tank prior to fill up. Remember to use the appropriate dosage for each tank capacity. MOTION-PLUS™ Diesel Treatment is a formula that eliminates water, varnish, gel and waxing from the fuel tank. By eliminating these contaminating agents thru the explosion, fuel consumption will be reduced significantly.